AX2J - Android XML to Java

A tool converting your Android XML resource to native Java code

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Quickly convert your Android layout, widget, color, string, shape from XML file to Java code. All in one step.


Build dynamic update UI

It is useful when you want to dynamic update your UI and logic on Android app by a jar file (it is unable to inflate a XML layout file at runtime), or you just want to get rid of XML resources. Unlike other dynamic updating framworks, it's very light-weight, and native code (Java) only.


Build your runtime-generated view

It can help you when you need to "new" some views you only know how to write it in XML at runtime. Here provides XML block to Java code translate (Content Translate), and a list of XML Attribute to Java method (XML Attribute List)


Easy to work with

No complex settings. Most of works will automatically complete for you. You don't need to change your original code a lot, most of time you even hard to feel it is a generated java code converted from XML resource.

Use Case

Checkout how to use AX2J to help you implement dymnamic update on your Android app, or just convert some of your view described in XML to Java code.

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Supported Views and Attributes

Checkout what views and attributes you can use now.

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