Project Translate

Translate your Android Studio / Eclipse project XML resources

Start for Project Translate

Step 0

Before start, I highly recommended you to use the offline tools for project translate. Here provides the newest version of ax2j.jar, it has a simple GUI and has both content translate function and project translate function. Use the offline tools can reduce server load pressure, it's important for a completely free open source project.

Step 1

Compress your Eclipse/Android Studio project to .zip file.

Because of the server cost, .zip file has size limit 10 Mb. Here are some tips to help you reduce your size:

Necessary files: res folder is necessary, and the AndroidManifest.xml which declares your theme too. If you have custom view, src/path-to-your-custom-view is also necessary.

Unnecessary files: All the other files can be remove from your, especially for Android Studio project, removing your .gradle and build folders is the most effective thing to reduce the size.

Notice: Currently project translate will scan the files as it is a default project structure. That means if you change the files location of java, res and AndroidManifest.xml by gradle of something else, project translate may not find them out.

Step 2

Upload your


Step 3

Check the XML files that are going to be translated: